Slate Tray

Slate Tray

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Serve up appetizing hors d'oeuvres at dinner parties using our elegant slate tray, with carry handles, that will make a wonderful centerpiece on your table accentuating your snacks. The grey slate tray has a coarse edge adding to its rustic charm, while the top surface is level for placing the dishes, drinks and snacks on. Two stainless steel handles at either side allow for easy carrying making it suitable for taking food and drinks from kitchen to table. The tray can be written on using chalk which allows you to serve up different appetizers and identify what they are. Wiping the slate occasionally with food or slate oil will protect the tray. Whether it's a dinner party, BBQ, or celebratory occasion, the slate tray will make serving up your delicious treats an enjoyable task.



  • Natural grey slate
  • Roughly hewn sides
  • Sturdy stainless steel handles
  • Great for serving nibbles
  • Easy to clean for everyday use.

Additional Information:

SKU V40003
Name Slate Tray
Product Weight (kg) 1.8000
Brand Caza
Color Grey
Assembly Info Assembled
Care and Use Wipe occasionally with food oil
Product Dimensions W39 x D30 x H4cm
Materials Slate